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From CEO, Brad Canfield

YOU Can Help Us Provide Better Products and Services

If you’re a baseball fan like me, you’re probably familiar with the Oakland A’s and general manager Billy Beane’s revolutionary use of data analysis to find talented players. He doesn’t rely on surface-level stats to determine a player’s value. In the business world, a lot of companies rely on basic satisfaction surveys to determine whether they’re providing customers with a valuable experience--but they’re not getting the real story.

In the credit union world, 80% of members who leave say they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied,” according to Bain & Company research. It’s an example of misleading, surface-level data. So KeyPoint Credit Union is following the example set by Billy Beane and digging deeper. Last week we implemented a new data analysis program called Net Promoter Score to show us how we can offer more value to you as our member.

Here’s Where You Come In

You and every KeyPoint member will shape the decisions we make today and in the future based on some quick feedback you provide about your interactions with us. If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, please tell us. If you want enhanced offerings within a product line, please tell us. If we are doing something well, please tell us. We want your honest, unfiltered opinion about how we conduct our business and how we can improve.

While we can’t promise that every suggestion will be implemented, we can assure you that every member’s opinion will be shared at the highest level of KeyPoint’s management. We are committed to providing the products and service you expect, and we will consider and discuss all of our members’ suggestions.

Just 5 Minutes to Improve Your Member Experience

To maximize the effectiveness of this program, we’ll need fewer than five minutes of your time to complete these surveys. Select members will receive email invitations to participate, and you won’t be invited to complete another survey for at least 90 days.

Essentially, a few minutes of sharing your opinion today can define the type of member experience you’ll enjoy in the future. We at KeyPoint want to become your go-to resource for all of your personal and business finance needs, and we are grateful to you for helping us achieve our goals.


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