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From CEO, Brad Canfield

Special Auto Loans for H-1B Visa Holders

If you’re a software engineer who’s new to the country, life probably has changed quickly for you. As you settle into an American style life in the Silicon Valley, you’ll find you need reliable transportation along with a financial institution that caters to your needs with high-quality checking, savings and loan products.
KeyPoint Credit Union is dedicated to helping software engineers and other white-collar professionals from India and other parts of the world who are working with our leading tech companies on their H-1B visas. We want you to get acclimated to the Silicon Valley to reduce the stress in your life.
So we offer special auto loans just for you. If you arrived here with no credit or limited credit, you’ll find that many financial institutions won’t even consider lending money to you for a car purchase. But KeyPoint Credit Union is a different Silicon Valley financial institution, and a customized auto loan is one of our distinguishing elements.
We provide Silicon Valley software engineers working here on H-1B visas with special loan rates and terms to help them finance the automobile they’ll need to commute to work and contribute to our local economies.
If your credit history is lacking, don’t worry. Apply today for a KeyPoint Credit Union loan that fits your needs!


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