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From CEO, Brad Canfield

Check Out Our All in One™ Mortgage for Savings, Flexibility

Last week’s average mortgage rates for 15- and 30-year fixed rate loans continued to hover near record lows, which certainly caused some homeowners to consider this is an ideal time to refinance their mortgage.
Refinancing to a lower rate can save you thousands of dollars over the long term. Imagine if a mortgage could save you even more money simply by the way it is structured. KeyPoint Credit Union offers that enticing possibility to qualified homeowners with our innovative All In One™ home mortgage. If you’re a Silicon Valley software engineer new to the country, this flexible loan could be the perfect opportunity for you to obtain the American-style life you want while saving money over the life of the mortgage.
The All In One™ mortgage replaces your traditional mortgage with a combination home equity line of credit and checking account so you always have access to money at the same time that it’s paying down your mortgage balance quicker to save you even more money than just a lower interest rate. Plus, you can tap into your home’s equity without refinancing so you can renovate your piece of Silicon Valley real estate.
Now your money can work harder for you, all because the All In One™ mortgage makes a simple adjustment to the way interest is calculated. Learn more about the loan from noted economist and author Ben Stein.

If you’re in the market to purchase Silicon Valley real estate or you want to refinance your existing mortgage, contact us today to see if you qualify for our All In One™ mortgage.


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