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From CEO, Brad Canfield

Eco-Friendly Vehicles Grow In Popularity Among Consumers and Companies

How was your drive into work today? There are some days when the traffic patterns between East Bay and the Peninsula leave everyone agitated and stressed. We’re frustrated by the time wasted idling in traffic, not to mention the money we’re wasting in gas or the harmful effect the emissions have on the environment.
If you’re a Silicon Valley software engineer new to the country, the mass of daily traffic you encounter could be an eye-opening experience. It’s no wonder that people who need a vehicle for their commute are turning to hybrid and electric vehicles as a gas-saving option. Even the clean diesel technology available on the market is an attractive alternative. Commuters may not be able to do much about the traffic congestion, but at least they won’t be burning as much fossil fuel in the process.
In March, Nissan sold a record number of the all-electric Leaf, and Toyota and Ford continue to corner the overall hybrid market in total sales. If you’re interested in keeping up with hybrid vehicle trends, is a valuable resource that combines industry insight and market research.

Companies Adding Alternative-Fuel Vehicles to Fleets

Want more proof of hybrid vehicles’ growing popularity? Companies are starting to add hybrid vehicles to their commercial fleets. “Their accountants are sitting down and figuring out how much extra they’ll pay for hybrid powerplants, how much they’ll save on gas and calculating the difference,” Chris Woodyard noted in USA Today last week.
Companies are finding that hybrid fleets make sense financially while also adding positive equity to their brand name. Toyota’s Prius wagon is a popular option in the taxi industry and Ford’s hybrid Fusion and C-Max are the signature vehicles in many companies’ commercial fleets.

KeyPoint Offers Special Loans for Hybrid Vehicle Purchases

Are you ready to trade in your current vehicle for a new one? Hybrid options might be your best solution. And if you’re one of many software engineers in Silicon Valley settling into your American-style life, a hybrid also could be the perfect fit for you.
KeyPoint Credit Union strongly supports hybrid vehicles and progressive automotive technology focused on reducing emissions and protecting the environment. We offer our members special low rates when they borrow money for an eco-friendly vehicle as part of our Green Vehicle Loan Program. We’ve compiled a list of eligible Green Vehicles based on emission standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.
Our list includes electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, select diesel vehicles, vehicles that run on compressed natural gas and others to provide you a wide selection. As you’re researching and shopping the hybrid market, take some time to look at our loan offers. We’re committed to helping our members get more hybrid vehicles on the roads.


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