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From CEO, Brad Canfield

From the East Bay to the Peninsula, What’s Your Commute Like?

If you’re an engineer commuting from the East Bay to the Peninsula, how do you spend that time in traffic?
With so many responsibilities and a busy schedule, I’m always looking for opportunities to find some extra time. Often, it’s when I’m alone in a car. I’ll catch up on an audiobook or listen to a favorite radio show or just sit in silence with my thoughts. I can only imagine what it’s like for an engineer who is new to Silicon Valley or new to the country driving to work every day while thinking about how family members are adjusting to an American-style life.

A Time to Figure Out Finances, and Other Stuff

Time is precious, and the older I get the more I try to eliminate things in my life that require more time than they’re worth. Sometimes when I’m driving to and from work I’ll listen to National Public Radio and a financial story on “Marketplace” or “Morning Edition” will spark a thought in my head about personal finance or money management. When the story ends, I’ll often just turn off the radio (I can always access archived stories from that show online) and devote some time to thinking about the issue or trying to solve a challenge. To me, that’s a worthwhile use of personal time before I’m pulled in different directions at work or at home.
You can’t always resolve everything in your car. If you’re shopping for a new Peninsula home or contemplating something similarly complex, you’ll likely have to revisit the topic later in the day or evening. But taking time to work through some thoughts and ideas is a real benefit of that daily drive.  


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