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From CEO, Brad Canfield

How Would You Rate Your Level of Financial Literacy?

As a Silicon Valley software engineer, you know every angle of designing, developing and testing sophisticated software and systems. But how much do you know about managing your wealth?
Building an American-style life in the Silicon Valley requires smart financial decisions that prepare you for retirement while ensuring you have the money today to pay for things like your southern Peninsula home. This can be as simple as understanding how to create and abide by a budget or it could mean grasping the complexities investing in stocks and bonds. Are you saving enough for retirement or for your children’s college education? Taking advantage of all possible tax deductions?

Time To Learn More About Money Management

April ushers in Financial Literacy Month, as designated by the U.S. Senate in 2003, so get a head start on educating yourself. There are multiple online resources to help you gauge how much you already know and show you the types of financial concepts you should be thinking about as you build your portfolio and manage your money.
The National Financial Educators Council offers a comprehensive financial literacy test that requires a quick log-in process. Plus, you can access scads of financial information tailored to different age groups. Over at Kiplinger, you can take a personal finance quiz and also run through a quiz of 12 “money rules of thumb,” plus other valuable insight about money management. And if you’re ready to dig in and learn more about investment strategies, the Wall Street Journal offers up a list of the best available books and provides links to several online guides to investment and wealth management.

And don’t forget, if you’re a software engineer new to the Silicon Valley, turn to KeyPoint Credit Union to assist you with all facets of your short-term and long-term money management needs.


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