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From CEO, Brad Canfield

Our New All In One™ Loan Helps You Save Money and Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner


As you pay your mortgage every month, do you ever wonder how you’ll feel when you no longer owe money on your home? Maybe you think about ways you’d otherwise spend or invest that money on your retirement, your hobbies, education or vacations. Maybe you’d feel the freedom to finally do something different with your career because you don’t feel obligated to stay at your current job just to pay for your home.

Imagine, a huge financial burden would be lifted. Finally.

We at KeyPoint Credit Union are tremendously excited to introduce a loan product for qualified homeowners that will help you pay off your mortgage sooner so you can enjoy more financial freedom! The All In One™ loan is an innovative, flexible loan that replaces your traditional mortgage with a combination home equity line of credit and checking account so you can make your money work harder for you.

Learn How the Math Works

With the All In One™ loan, every dollar you deposit cuts time and money off of your mortgage balance, saving you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your mortgage. Plus, you can access your money at any time and tap into your home’s equity without refinancing.

All of this is possible because the All In One™ loan makes a simple adjustment to the way interest is calculated. Noted economist and author Ben Stein says the All In One™ loan is “the greatest invention in personal finance in my lifetime.” 

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We want to tell you more about the All In One™ loan so you can take greater control of your personal finances. Sign up today for our special presentation this Thursday, March 14th and we’ll show you how this loan works to save you a lot of time and money.

Join us for the All In One™ loan presentation

Date: Thursday, March 14
: 6 to 8 p.m.
: KeyPoint Community Learning Center, 2805 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA  95051
: (408) 731-4257 (Refreshments will be provided.)

And because we’re so excited about the All In One™ loan, we’ll credit the cost of your home’s appraisal if you apply for the loan by March 31. Hope to see you soon!


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